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Entering an address accessible to messenger services where someone is usually present will make delivery easier and improve the service. If you wish, you can give us a delivery address different from your normal residence, such as an office, shop, etc., and we will get your order to you.


In “Notes” you can give a preferred delivery time or whatever indications you wish to make delivery easier.


In the case of an error in the delivery or product,contact our customer care e-mail address as soon as possible and we will resolve the incident as soon as possible.

Contact lenses - Do my contact lenses need any specific maintenance?

The kind of maintenance your lenses need depends on various external and internal factors, such as the quality and quantity of your tears, the tear break-up time and proportion of components, as well as the habitual environment and basic disorders such as allergies, so the type of maintenance you have to use will be that recommended by your vision professional. A single solution is normally used with disposable lenses, but there may be cases when other cleaning complements are necessary, such as a disinfection system, which could be hydrogen peroxide.

Contact lenses - How can I get a new contact lens adaptation?

By adaptation we mean changing your normal lenses, either in terms of material, replacement or graduation. To go for a check, which is essential for the new adaptation, you will have to see your vision professional.

Contact lenses - How often do I need to replace my contact lenses?

The frequency of replacement of your contact lenses will depend on the type of lens your adaptor has recommended.

Contact lenses - Placing my order

Your full graduation will be essential for placing an order for contact lenses: if you are myopic or hypermetropic your spherical power is needed – negative (-) for myopics and positive (+) for hypermetropics. If you have astigmatism, you will need to include the cylindrical power and axis. This information must be provided by your vision professional, optician/optometrist or ophthalmologist.


Once you have the graduation and parameter data described you can save on your lenses.


If you are using a box of lenses, you can request replacement products using the parameters, graduation and brand included on the box.


For sunglasses, you need to know the model you want to buy.

Contact lenses - What are the BC and the DIA?

These are values you will find on your adaptation report or the original packaging of your contact lenses.


The BC, BK or RO is the curvature radius of the contact lens. It depends on the curvature of the cornea. It is a value that is usually between 8.00 and 9.50 mm, although there could be higher or lower values.


The DIA refers to the diameter of the lens. This is usually between 13.00 and 14.60 mm.

Contact lenses - What parameters do I need for ordering my contact lenses?

As disposable contact lens wearer recognize the data you need to order them, will be very easy because all you need is in the lenses’s box and blisters you have at home.

The data you need.

If you are nearsighted or farsighted, you need to know the sphere negative power (-) if you are nearsighted, or positive (+) if you are farsighted.

Sometimes a lens can have more than a radius of curvature, that also find in the same box or blister.

If you are astigmatic, you need indicate the cylinder, and the axis it is. It's easy, you'll see everything you need in your box of lenses!

If you have any doubt, please contact us.

Contact lenses - Which contact lenses are right for me?

Your optician/optometrist or ophthalmologist will recommend the most suitable lens for your needs.


To choose the right kind, he/she will consider aspects such as the use you are going to make of the lens, your ocular parameters and graduation and the quality of your tears, among other factors.

Contact lenses- I don't find the contact lenses brand I'm looking for?

In www.comfortlens.es we work with main manufacturers of contact lenses. If you don't find the lenses you wear, it may be due to a private label. Can you tell us the name, and type of materials used, and we will inform you if there is exactly the same with the manufacturer's name.


Don't forget to tell us the diameter, radius of curvature and graduation you use.

Delivery time - What are the delivery periods?

The request will be dealt with when it is received by our customer care service.


Products are sent via established urgent transport firms, with the delivery made within a maximum period of approximately 10 working days, or 48h if we have the item in stock.


If the product is delayed for any reason, we will notify you by e-mail to the address you have given us.

Graduation - Can I use my graduation for glasses to order contact lenses?

Although the most normal thing for replacement contact lenses is for you to have your lens graduation or have a box of products you are using, you might not be able to find it. In this case, if you have your prescription for glasses, you can send it as long as you specify clearly that the graduation is for glasses.

Graduation - How do I find out my graduation?

You need an optometric prescription from your vision professional. You can get one from your optician/optometrist who is a member of an official association, from your regular optician and from your ophthalmologist.

If you have a box of lenses, you can request replacement products using the parameters, graduation and brand included on the box.

You can send us your graduation to our e-mail address or scan it and send it to us by e-mail.

Graduation - Is my graduation for glasses the same as for contact lenses?

Above 3 dioptres, the graduation is different from lenses and for glasses. Although they may be the same they are usually different. Have your sight graduated for using glasses and for using contact lenses.


If you have only the prescription for your glasses, we can make the conversion to contact lenses. In this case you must specify clearly whether the graduation you are sending us is for glasses or contact lenses.


If you are using a box of lenses, you canrequest replacement products using the parameters, graduation and brand included on the box.

Graduation - What is the addition for lenses?

For people with presbyopia, for multifocal lenses we will also have to indicate the value of the addition “Add or Ad”

Graduation - What is the astigmatism power?

For toric lenses which correct astigmatism we will also have to know the cylinder value “Cyl or Zyl” and the axis “AX, A or T”

Graduation - What is the spherical power?

This is the value of your graduation – either myopia (-) or hypermetropia (+). It is represented as “SPH, PWR, P, DPT or FV”

Originals products - What about the authenticity of our products?

We buy directly from official suppliers.

All our products are original items, new and never used before. Comfortlens does not sell any non-original products.


All the products on the website come from our opticians, purchased from official laboratories and manufacturers.


Sunglasses are presented and dispatched in their original packaging with their corresponding cloths, covers and original warranty certificate.

Payment methods - Credit card payment

At Comfortlens, data protection and security come first. To prevent use the improper use of your credit card, we check your details the first time you place an order with our store.


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American express cards.

Payment methods - Payment by transfer

If you prefer to make a transfer, you can do it in the bank account number that we will indicate you in your order. You can make a deposit of your purchase in a easy and guaranteed way.

Payment methods - Paypal payment

Paypal is a quick, simple form of secure online payment. The advantage lies in the fact that the order is processed quickly and securely. If we have the product in stock we send it to you the same day you make the purchase.

Payment methods - Secure payment

Secure payment, www.comfortlens.es is attached to the Banesto e-commerce payment gateway. All data is encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol, guaranteeing maximum security.


Your credit card details are processed exclusively on a secure server and www.comfortlens.es does not have access to them at any time.


All personal data will be processed confidentially and not passed to third parties.


You may choose any of the following payment methods:


    Credit card


    Bank transfer


Whichever method you choose, it is absolutely free.

Postage costs

Breakdown of postage costs:


- Peninsular Spain, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Portugal: Free postage.

- Canary Islands and the rest of the European Union: €10 for orders worth less than €150. Free for bigger orders.

- Other countries: postage costs: transport company rates will apply.

Products will be sent by urgent transport within a period of approximately 10 working days, or 48h if we have the item in stock. If any product is not in stock, e-mail notice will be given of the delivery period.

Prices - Why do we have such competitive prices?

Our policy and buying power are attractive to our suppliers, allowing us to reach commercial agreements that are an improvement on normal conditions. We also reduce the costs of machinery and optimetric equipment, refraction times, in-person diagnosisand monitoring and control of prescriptions, reducing the workload of our opticians/optometrists.


We can charge lower prices for our products because we do not have expensive premises in the main streets of big cities.

Register - What if I enter my details wrong?

Let us know as soon as possible, by telephone or by sending us an e-mail to tell us. Orders are processed as soon as they reach the reception and logistics department.

Sunglasses - how about make an order

The most practical thing is to use the search functions. These will help you to find and select the sunglasses you like best.

Select your favourites using different filters: make, model reference, lens colour, etc. When you have found a model you like, click on the product to see the details and additional information. Here you will be able to find information about the make or model you are looking for. The information texts on the menus will help you.


We recommend placing your order as follows:


Many sunglasses are available with different coloured frames and lenses. Select the ones you like best by clicking on the corresponding colour.

You can choose between different types of lens at various prices depending on their features.


Bear in mind that, depending on the model of sunglasses, it is possible that not all options are available. Follow the different sections on the drop-down menu. If you have any doubt about the items or options, contact our customer care service.


If you can’t find the model you are looking for, tell us. We will look for it for you and get it to you at the address you give us.

Sunglasses - What do I need to do if my glasses need adjusting when I receive them?

If you need a minor adjustment any optician can do it for you free or for a very small charge. If you continue to have problems with your frames, please call us or send us an e-mail to tell us.

Sunglasses - What is mi size?

Some sunglasses offer diferent sizes to choose, based on the features of every person. You can find different sizes such as S (small), L (Large) or standard, meaning that there is only one size of that model.

If you have any doubt, consult us and we will recommend the sunglasses that fits you the best.

Warranty - What kind of warranty do our products have?

According to European warranty regulations:


Glasses frames have 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects, 100% free except in cases of misuse. We use only original spare parts.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects in lenses. The warranty does not cover breakage, scratches or incorrect handling.


You need to send the glasses or lenses to our distribution centre and they will be returned to your home, with postage completely free.


The customer will have the right to have the item replaced or the full sum refunded during the 15-day return period.


Contact lenses: 100% free replacement of defective contact lenses.

The advantages of choosing Comfortlens

  • Free shipping in the Iberian Peninsula            
  • Top Brand products
  • All the products are authentic
  • Excellent customer service                   
  • More than 4000 items
  • Competitive prices
  • Home delivery in 2-7 days
  • If unsatisfied, full refund
    guaranteed within 15 days
  • Qualified personnel




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